Clutch Names TechCare UX Design Studio The Best Design Agency!


We are happy to announce that once again Clutch recognizes TechCare UX Design Studio as one of the top 10 UX designers in Raleigh Out of 67 total firms . We are solely been providing UI & UX design services to companies of all sizes since 2013. We have designed more 500 hundred products over 26 countries around the world. Clutch + UX design

Not only that, we are the #1 UX Design Company in Bangladesh according to them. This places us on Clutch’s Leaders Matrix with other leaders in the UX market in Raleigh.

Clutch + UX design

Clutch, headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a trusted B2B ratings and reviews firm. Clutch provides insight to businesses and ranks businesses in their target markets. Client reviews and ratings play a large role in Clutch’s work, so without our clients, this recognition would not have been possible.

We serve enterprise, small, and mid-market businesses. The businesses we serve are mostly in the GPS, navigation & GIS, health care & medical, arts, entertainment & music, real-estate, educational and entertainment industries.

We did the UI & UX design for a software company. The software company wanted to create a mobile app that would give its clients an interactive experience. We had discussions with the company about its goals and developed iterations that the company gave us feedback on before finalizing the design.

Clutch + UX design

We exceeded the company’s expectations; we finished the project in 9 days instead of 3 weeks. The company was also happy with the final product.

Our services are also recognized on Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest! The Manifest serves as a decision-making guide for businesses. Additionally, TechCare UX Studio was mentioned in a list on Visual Objects of the best UX designers! Visual Object is a visually-based site that shares the portfolio items of companies. Solehin Sagor, TechCare UX Studio’s Founder and CEO said,

“The recognition means a lot to us! As our niche market is international and most of the clients rely on the Clutch profile, it will be a great achievement for us. This award will boost me to improve my productivity. Thanks a lot,,” 

Good UX/UI design can drastically increase conversion rates, according to a Forbes article. Visit our Clutch profile and contact us so we can help your company with its UX/UI.


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