5 Reasons Why Hiring A Remote Team For Your Company Is A Wise Decision

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Are you planning to hire a virtual remote team for your organization? Whether you are a startup owner or an established global brand, hiring a virtual team is an efficient way of getting your project done by top-quality developers and designers around the globe at a minimum cost. Since the beginning of the pandemic, remote working is getting more and more popular among both employees and employers. Communication technologies and tools make it easier for us to keep a remote team engaged and get the work done. Let’s go into details for a better understanding.

What Is A Remote Team?

A “Virtual remote team” is a concept where people from different locations work together for an organization using an online platform. Communication channels like Skype, Slack, MS team have brought this concept into reality. Also, project management tools like Asana, Jira, Monday, etc have made managing a team easier than ever. For instance, you are running an E-commerce business in Canada. You need software for your business. If you think in a traditional way, you have to hire software developers, UI/UX designers, software QC experts, content writers, digital marketers with a project manager to maintain them all. Along with that, you will need office space, furniture, devices, utilities, and many more to maintain that team. But, if you hire a remote team then all you need to do is pay the bill to your remote hire company and they will take care of the rest.

Hiring Remote Team Is Cost Effective

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According to statistics, remote teams save up to 55% of your operating expenses. You don’t have to pay the utility bills, office rent, employee training fees, QC fees, device cost, insurance premium, and a lot of other things. Also, you can hire remote employees from the countries where employee remuneration is lower than your country. For example, if you are from Canada and hire a remote team from South Asia, you will get employees with just half of the cost of Canada.

Global Talent Pool Opportunity

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When you are hiring in-house employees, your options are limited. You are bound to hire employees from your city or country. But, when you are hiring a remote team, you can hire global talents from anywhere in the world. You can hire a graphics designer from India, a Nodejs developer from Nigeria, a react developer from Brazil and form your team. It will give you the best talent with a lot of diversified ideas.

No Team Management Hassle

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When you are hiring an in-house team, you have to maintain the team and project by yourself. It takes a lot of time, skills, efforts, and hassles. But, if you hire a remote team, the remote team provider will take all the responsibilities to handle both of your project and team. So, instead of hiring an in-house team, hiring a remote team will be a wise decision for your organization.

Get Result From Day One

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Usually, when you are hiring in-house employees, you have to invest your money and time to train them. You have to pay for trainers, training materials, and other relevant things. But, when you are hiring a remote team from a quality company, they will start your project immediately. They have experienced and vetted people to start your project from day one. In the modern day concept, time is money. So, save time and money by hiring a remote team.

It's Sustainable

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When you are hiring a remote team, it will decrease the use of electricity, water, and other utilities. Along with that, your team members don’t need to burn fuel transportation. They will get rid of traffic jams and can spend more time with their family which will ultimately boost their productivity. According to statistics, 81% of employees said that remote working has increased their productivity.

Freelancer Vs Managed Remote Team

In most of the cases, when we think about remote team hire, we think of freelancer hiring. But, hiring freelancers is not always the best option. You have to always monitor your team, take interviews, manage them individually, and many more. In the worst case scenario, if a freelancer leaves the job in the middle of the project, everything will mess up. So, instead of hiring freelancers, hire a managed remote team. The remote team provider company will take care of your team and project. They will assign a project manager and QC expert to deliver the project with all requirements within the deadline.

How To Hire Right Remote Team

Considering all those facts, we can come to the conclusion that hiring a remote team for an organization specially for tech projects is a worthwhile decision in most of the aspects. But, still there are challenges.  The most important challenge is to find out the proper remote team hiring service provider. If you can’t appoint the right one, it’s going to be a nightmare. Before hiring a remote team, research on the company’s portfolio, experience, clients’ review, work ethics, and other factors. TechCare is one of the leading remote team hiring service providers in Canada. They are providing quality developers, designers, and other tech experts according to your business needs. They also provide top class professionals around the world within a minimum budget. They will also assign Canadian project managers to ensure the highest quality and minimize your hassle.

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