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Let’s tell you about our 5D approach

how techcare works
Understanding the Business Proposition
We deep-dive into the specifics of your business to understand the problem you’re trying to solve and the people you serve.
Analysing the competitive landscape
Whether you’re a pioneer in a new niche or a challenger in an established industry, we scope the landscape to give you the edge.
Goal-setting for the future
How does website design fit into your lead generation strategy, growth aspirations and overall business strategy? We’ll help you find these answers together.
Identifying the target audience
We understand different user personas and capture their respective pain points to craft the perfect product-market fit.
Study the typical user-flow blueprint
Often, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. We benchmark our usability design and user-flow plan to this ideal.
Eliminate bottlenecks
Our team is adept at recognizing process bottlenecks and road-blocks in the existing product flow to create seamless user journeys.
how techcare works
ui ux design
Chart a roadmap
We follow a staggered web-design and development process that tracks progress against established milestones.
Create dynamic wireframes
We outline detailed wireframes of the site-map, the underlying information architecture as well as the functionality that keep it together.
Release a minimum viable product
A bare-bones website or app is developed to test for usability during the proof-of-concept stage. Additional features are added posting testing and user feedback.
Identifying the target audience
All our websites and apps follow UX best practices that are carefully maneuvered to reduce cognitive load and leverage existing user experiences online.
Study the typical user-flow blueprint
Our interface design process is optimized for seamless usability and responsive to spurts in scale.
Eliminate bottlenecks
We run A/B testing of the functional prototype to identify glitches and bugs & troubleshoot them before launch.
ui ux design
web development
App Development
We build the mobile application, web application, website for your technology-focused business
Integrate User Flows
Once the skeletal architecture of the app is up and running, we integrate it with the predefined user flows to enable a feature-rich experience.
Live Testing
We assist your team with maintenance and up-keep services to support your team in the robust growth stage by integrating real-time feedback that keeps users engaged.