Remote Team Building Activities: The Subtle Art Maximizing Your Team Productivity

remote team building activities

Remote team building is as crucial as hiring a remote team. TechCare is working to make remote team hire easy and affordable for all. At TechCare, we believe that remote team hire is a smart idea for any tech company in terms of cost, employee productivity, flexibility, and sustainability. But, hiring a remote team is not just enough. All of your team members are working to achieve a common goal and that’s to serve your client and maximize your company’s profit. You need to build your team along with hiring and assigning them your task to pursue that goal as a family. You need to remember that harmony, engagement, and relationship between your team are important to bring out the best in your team.

Solve The Puzzles

This might be the most popular and common activity to build your team. There are a lot of puzzles for adults you will find on the internet. It can be Sudoku, word puzzles, Jigsaw puzzles, Number Slide puzzle, etc. These all are free games. Arrange a friendly competition between your team members and let them solve the puzzles. If you have a big team like a team with more than 10 members, divide them into two groups and let them play as a team and reward the winning team.

Solve The Riddle

If your team is small, then it’s an ideal activity to build your team. There are a lot of interesting and funny riddles in every specific region around the world. Let your team members ask each other riddles and find the answer. It’s completely free and less time-consuming. Apart from that, it will allow employees to get familiar with one another’s culture and values. 

Escape The Room

Suppose your CEO is being kidnapped and locked in a room and your team needs to rescue him/her. Alternatively, your team has disappeared into a deep forest or in the Arctic. Now, rescuing your CEO or finding a way to bring your team out of the Arctic will be your team’s job. Doesn’t it sound interesting? There are a lot of interesting games like this available on the internet. You can try Modern Genius Escape, Lot in The Arctic Escape, Grand Theft Escape, etc for your team. It takes 45 to 50 minutes but impacts a lot on your team a lot. 

Truth Or Dare

It’s a fun game that we all played in our childhood with our cousins and friends. Won’t it be nice to bring our childhood memories back? Let’s arrange a Zoom meeting and let your team members play “Truth or Dare” together. It will let them know each other and build a close relationship among them.

Photo Of The Week

Open a Slack channel (For example Photo competition) and instruct your team members to send a photo at least once a week captured by themselves. It can be a photo of their pet, balcony, garden, or anything else. Then arrange a poll to vote for the best photo. Reward the highest-voted photo. You can arrange a lot of competitions like this. For example, the best poet, the best singer, the best artist, etc.

Memory Share

We all have special memories that are connected to the average stuff of our daily life. We love to share those memories with our peers. Why don’t you just make your team a peer group? Arrange a Zoom meeting and ask one by one to pick regular staff (for example wristwatch ). Then, tell one by one to share their special memories related to the watch. Finally, reward the best memory. It’ll make your remote team members closer to each other and make your employees more engaged.

Let's Appreciate Each Other

Humans love to hear appreciation from other people. If it’s from their teammates, it motivates them and encourages them to go the extra mile. Arrange an online meeting through google meet or zoom. Then, tell your teammates to appreciate something about everyone individually that they found noble in that individual. None of the activities mentioned above is as effective as this one. Do it and get an amazing result.

Virtual Debate

We all are familiar with debate competitions from our childhood. A lot of us might have already participated in such competitions in our school days. Let’s bring it back again. Choose a topic and divide your team into two parts. Then, let them debate on that topic. Choose the winning side and reward that team based on their performance.

Benefits of Remote Team Activities

According to statistics, 83% of companies said that team-building activities improved their employee productivity. Along with that, it has a positive impact on their creativity, diversity, & cost. Let’s have a look at what can remote team building bring to your table-

1. It creates engagement and boosts employee productivity.

2. Builds mutual understanding and a culture of respect.

3. Diversifies thoughts and brings more innovation.

4. Makes your employees love your company.

Cautions About Remote Team Building Activities

1. We all need to spend time with our family. So, if you are arranging such team-building activities after office time or on holidays, make sure your employees are comfortable and eager about it. Don’t force someone to choose office activities instead of their family. It might make things worse.
2. If you are arranging these activities during office hours, be strict about time. Otherwise, it might waste a lot of your working hours. 

3. No matter how much fun you make with each other, avoid personal attacks and vulgar words. Else, it will break your team instead of building it.

4. In a remote team, there will be people from different countries, races, religions, and socio-economic conditions and that’s the beauty of a remote team. So, do not let anyone make fun of any specific religion, race, or country. Create a culture of respect, trust, and cooperation.

Final Thoughts

Building a strong relationship between your team members is a key factor to increase your productivity as a team and build a strong company culture. It doesn’t need a lot of money or a big effort. You just need your goodwill. It takes a little but gives you an amazing output. TechCare is a remote team service provider which works on building remote teams to minimize the cost and maximize the talent-pool option. We always arrange remote team-building activities to make the workplace more comfortable for all.  Let this amazing opportunity make a difference and build a better company culture.

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