Divethru is a prominent mental health organization based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The organization offers a range of services, including online appointment scheduling, therapist matching, virtual consultations, audio-video content, personalized content recommendations generated by artificial intelligence, and an online payment platform, among others. Divethru’s commitment to providing comprehensive and accessible mental health services to its clients is reflected in its extensive array of offerings. 

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How we helped DiveThru to grow exponentially


Product Design, MVP Development, User Test, Ongoing Development.


Mobile App-For Both Android & iOS Platform.


Edmonton, Alberta,



Downloads in Android & iOS Platform| Divethru is one of the most downloaded apps in Google and iOS app store.


Increase in subscription. This earns Divethru the most promising Healthtech startup of 2023 in Canada.


Business growth within one year. Also, it earns Divethru $8 million funding from venture capitalists & partners.

The Problem Narration

Our aim is to provide a safe and transparent space for users to discuss mental, emotional, and psychosocial issues. With round-the-clock online mental health support, we want to help our users achieve a stress-free life. Our platform offers a supportive community for open and meaningful dialogues, promoting a non-judgmental environment for mental wellness.

Our Approach

With a team of expert market researchers and business analysts, we’ve carefully evaluated the best features and modules for Divethru’s success. Our analysis revealed a subscription-based business model as the optimal strategy to generate significant revenue. We’ve identified key features for the app to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for our clients.

User Flow

We have designed the user flow for the Divethru mobile app, which was a critical step in determining how users will interact with its functions. This process also aided us in addressing any issues with the app’s screens

Our Technology

The TechCare team undertook the challenge of developing a mobile application from the ground up. The design of the entire application was created using Figma, while the development of the backend was accomplished using Python, and the frontend was developed using React Native.

Tech Stack
Design Tool
Tech Stack
Design Tool


Visualizing the Future: A Sneak Peek at the Divethru Mobile App Wireframe. This has been done from the idea to make the live version to find out how the idea of the application is looking like

Typography and color Palette

The Final Design

By identifying potential challenges, we’ve optimized the interface and prioritized ease of navigation. The app’s features are intuitively located, ensuring accessibility for our users. Our meticulous design process has resulted in an app that exceeds expectations.

Tech Stack
Design Tool
Client Testimonial
We are having a great experience working with TechCare to develop the main product of our company. Their platform and shortlisting process were extremely helpful and efficient for everyone involved. Their committed work ethic and effective workflow has consistently expedited delivery and exceeded expectations. TechCare is helping us grow more by proving us a quality team.

Edmonton, Canada