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Cost-effective, Full service, High security. Choose a best one that works best for you
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In House
Extended team of the best talent
Fast recruitment and onboarding
Direct access to talents
Quick turnaround times
Team scaling on demand
No overhead costs or operational burden
Continuity of knowledge and ability to substitute
Flat, transparent billing

Which Resource You Are Looking For?

Front End Developer

React Native
Component-Based Architecture
State Management
Responsive design
API Integration
State Management
Responsive design
API Integration

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Back End Developer

Data management
API development
Database design
Security implementation
Code maintenance
Scalability planning
Backend testing

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Product Designer

User research
User Flow
Visual design
Interaction design
Graphic assets
Design systems

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Client Testimonial
We are having a great experience working with TechCare to develop the main product of our company. Their platform and shortlisting process were extremely helpful and efficient for everyone involved. Their committed work ethic and effective workflow has consistently expedited delivery and exceeded expectations. TechCare is helping us grow more by proving us a quality team.

Edmonton, Canada
As this is the first time we are creating a mobile app, the team was patient and willing to walk us through their processes while we learned how to navigate the landscape. Their app development skills along with their UX knowledge and execution on projects have been astonishing. Their ability to create streamlined processes and apply organizational skills that connect the team has been helpful.
Tevin Jackson
President & CEO, Steller group Inc.

Delaware, USA