Why Does Your Business Need UX Design?


Did you know 70% of online businesses that fail do so because of bad usability?In simple words, most of the unsuccessful product-based businesses failed because they overlook the importance of the user experiences in their strategy. Where 88% of the users are less likely to return to a website after lousy user experience, you can’t […]

A UX/UI Case Study on Swimming App for Smartwatch

smart watch swimming app

The project was started in a world very different from what it used to be, because of the pandemic most outdoor activities are restricted and thus physical exercise is greatly hampered as most people stayed home and led a sedentary lifestyle. This could potentially be hazardous so we came up with an app that will […]

Top 5 Must UX Strategies that Your Business Needs Right Now

ux strategy

Earning more revenue by selling products online is not everyone’s cup of tea. For doing so and making your online products compelling, UX strategy plays a vital role. But a successful UX design doesn’t happen by luck, rather great UX design happens when you apply UX strategy.The term “UX Strategy” seems a little less glamorous, […]